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⁣Attempted Self-Immolation in Bagaha

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A heart warming scene has emerged from Bagaha of Bihar. After a minor quarrel in the house, a young man set himself on fire by spraying petrol. After setting it on fire, he came in front of the house sobbing. Seeing him people started crying. Some people then ran after him and poured a bucket of water on him. The fire did not extinguish, then a woman came running and threw a wet blanket on her. In the meantime, another woman came out and again wrapped a wet cloth on her. When both the women wrapped wet cloth all over their body, then they brought the fire under control. He was in the grip of fire for about 27 seconds.
Many parts of the body were burnt. He was rushed to the hospital. His condition is serious. The youth has been identified as 28-year-old Sanjay Kumar Soni, a resident of Ramnagar. Relatives say that he took such a wrong step on a minor dispute with his family members. He is unemployed. Got married 5 years ago. Sanjay also has two daughters. Her father cooks food for the wedding.
Sanjay was demanding money from his father for the last few days. He was demanding a huge amount so that someone could do business. Father was assuring that I am arranging money for business. On Thursday, Sanjay first quarreled in the house, then tried to scare him by spraying petrol, in this sequence he tried to immolate himself.

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suicideguy911 7 days ago

worst way to kill yourself

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MrReality 16 days ago

gotta love how theses niggers pre-make water buckets just for this moment

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