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    18+ Graphic ! Penis Cut Off And Stabbed Multiple Times And Disemboweled

    4,300 Views· 29 Aug 2021
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    ⁣Crazy! Tied Up Man Was Opened the Middle an His Head Placed Inside the Body.

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    SweetCandy 2 days ago

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    Whtamiwching 18 days ago

    Rip man those idiots will go to hell. And won't hurt u no more...

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    kddo01 19 days ago

    This happened in a shitty part of Brazil in late 2016. This gang of teenagers thought this fat middle-aged guy was a convicted child killer so they tortured him like this. Turns out he was actually innocent and they tortured the wrong person. They were caught because they posted it all over social media and got put in jail

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    deathhhhhh 26 days ago

    I pee poo while watch this video

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    Saul 26 days ago

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