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    slave going through catharsis
    malik laughs
    262 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣bdsm slave going through catharsis

    Full Video HD! Head Exploding Shotgun Execution
    2,910 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣Old video, but this is the full version i found in telegram..

    Head Exploding Warning! Head Exploding Warning! Head Exploding Warning! Head Exploding Warning!

    Brutal! Woman Received Headshot From Brazilian Gang
    1,498 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣Found this video on telegram, but no info i got , if you guys got info about this murder, please share your info here .. tqvm..

    Automatic Gun Shot Execution
    924 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣Damn, bullets and lives are too cheap.

    Naked Man Being Beaten With Rattan
    1,119 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣No information about this video.

    Teens Bully Old Man In Russia
    625 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣stupid, very cruel, hope they get caught.

    Never Mess With Explosives
    997 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣Damn.. luckily the explosion not killing them

    Woman stabbed To Death
    874 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣São Paulo Brazil.

    Wire Thief Got Beaten By The Worker
    399 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣⁣He looks really scared, screaming like a bitch lol

    Man Shot Dead In Gonzales
    443 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣A 46-year-old man was shot dead in Gonzales yesterday.

    Police have identified him as Sherwin Mervin Williams, also known as Sprang, of Vincent Brown Street, Gonzales.

    According to a police report, at about 7.25 am Williams was sitting on a plastic container under a tent at Chocolate Alley, Gonzales, when a heavily tinted grey Toyota Altis stopped and two men, with guns, alighted and shot Williams.

    The men got back into the vehicle which sped away.

    Police said Williams was shot several times about the body.

    Acting Cpl Pierre and PC St Louis, of the Inter Agency Task Force, who were on patrol responded and secured the scene.

    Checks were made in the area for the vehicle and suspects but without success.

    The body was viewed by District Medical Officer Dr Padmore and ordered removed to the Forensic Science Centre.

    A motive is yet to be established for the killing.

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