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⁣Man Dragged By Train In The Railway
445 Views · 1 day ago

Super crazy way to suicide.

⁣Man Lost His Hand After Got Electricuted
821 Views · 1 day ago

Makassar, Indonesia

⁣Kid Tragically Smashed By The Van
404 Views · 1 day ago

Where the fuck is his mother! Why you let your kids play on road.

⁣He Forgot To Open His Wing In Fight
361 Views · 1 day ago


⁣Policeman Commits Suicide By Firing On Head In Rangamati
641 Views · 1 day ago

A police constable committed suicide by firing his rifle in Rangamati. The incident took place at 2.15 pm on Thursday.

The deceased was identified as Constable Md. Qayyum Sarkar, who was working at Rangamati's Sukhi Nilganj Police Line with constable number 1251. Qayyum is the son of Md. Ayub Ali Sarkar of Banshkair village under Kaliakair police station under Gazipur district.

A police source said that he shot himself in the head with his rifle while on duty due to mental anguish.

Confirming the incident, Rangamati Superintendent of Police (SP) Mir Modachcher Hossain said, “Constable Qayyum shot himself in the head with his weapon while on duty in the afternoon shift on the road in front of the barracks of New Police Line in Sukhi Nilganj area. Initially he knew that he could commit suicide due to family quarrel. He is divorced from his wife. There are also departmental cases against him. We are looking into the matter.

⁣Man Gunned Down By Customer In The Store
724 Views · 3 days ago

Pleasantville , New Jersey.

⁣Woman Tragically Squashed By Steamroller
1,560 Views · 3 days ago

Wtf , Blind spots and human idiocy is a bad concoction

⁣Elderly Man Stuck Between Skidded Car
514 Views · 3 days ago

The fat woman getting her legs knocked, now with sound!!

⁣Man Got Shot After Holding His Mother As Hostage
544 Views · 3 days ago

LAPD Pacific Patrol Division officers responded to calls reporting the suspect, later identified as 36-year-old Carlos Arias, threatening a female family member with a knife. As officers approached the apartment where Arias and the woman were, they heard a woman yelling in distress. Fearing for the safety of the woman, they forced entry into the apartment. Inside the apartment they saw Arias armed with a knife, swinging it at the woman; at that time there was an Officer-Involved Shooting. Arias was struck by gunfire and transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The knife Arias was armed with was recovered at scene. The woman, later identified as Arias’ mother, was not injured an no officers were injured during the incident.

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