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⁣Man Burned With Fire In Conflict
57 Views · 8 hours ago

In India, during the conflict, a man set fire to his offender.

⁣Generator Repairer Tortured For Stealing
2,018 Views · 3 days ago

Ebonyi State , Nigeria.

⁣Executive Director Beat And Burned By Workers
1,049 Views · 3 days ago

In the Pakistani city of Sialkot, workers at a Rajko Industries plant lashed out at Sri Lanka's executive director, Priyanth Diyawadan, for "insulting" Islam in front of them. The workers would beat him to death and then burn his body.

⁣A Bomb Explosion At a Busy Shopping Market in Lahore
633 Views · 3 days ago

Pakistan. The explosion was carried out with the help of a watch device.

According to preliminary data, as a result of the terrorist attack, 3 people were killed, 22 were injured, including a child who is in critical condition.

⁣Man Brutally Attacked With Scythe
1,331 Views · 5 days ago

The video shows a 56-year-old man being beaten with a scythe in a bar. He was hit in the head, sent to the hospital in the region and, according to the Civil Police, is stable, but will undergo jaw surgery.

The victim was sitting at one of the establishment's tables and using her cell phone, when the aggressor approached him from behind and hit him hard with the object. The man did not react and fell to the ground, apparently already unconscious.

Even so, the suspect delivered three more scythes, all on the victim's head. He only stopped the attack when a chair was thrown at him. According to witnesses, the crime would have been motivated by a vehicle.

⁣Man Deserve That For Harassing The Woman
2,584 Views · 5 days ago

To me the man deserves to be bitten, because he is harassing the woman, even though the woman has already started sitting in her seat, the man is still harassing ... now you get what you need bro!

⁣Putting Penis on a Rat's Gutter
1,056 Views · 5 days ago

why did he do this? did he get paid for this?

⁣Man Blows Himself Up Recorded Cctv
968 Views · 6 days ago

not sure if this is an attack or a suicide mission.

⁣Man With Fatal Wounds After Fight With Inmate
1,075 Views · 7 days ago

He's in an emergency room with terrible wounds.

⁣Ouch! Don't Try This At Home
1,486 Views · 7 days ago

He feels like he's superman , lol

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