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  • Animal

    Man Crushed By An Elephant After Crowd Teases A Herd Of Elephants
    1,412 Views · 2 months ago

    ⁣On July 25, a man identified as Pascal Munda died as an elephant crushed him to death. The incident took place on NH 39 near Morongi Tea Estate in Numaligarh of Upper Assam. As per reports, a herd of elephants was passing by when it was confronted by a group of labourers and passersby on the National Highway. The tea garden workers allegedly teased the gentle giants while they were crossing the road. As a result, one of the elephants got irked and chased down the crowd.

    The Cow Ran Into A 4-Year-Old Girl After Giving Birth
    4,112 Views · 2 months ago

    ⁣Recently, in Zhonghe Township, Guyuan City, Ningxia, a cow in a farmer's home was giving birth. As a four-year-old girl was more curious, she came to see the cow production process. She never expected that the cow was going crazy against the girl. And trampling, at this time, the grandma next to her hurried away with the shovel. Unexpectedly, the cow also slammed into the familiar old man, who was then knocked down by the trough of the cowshed.

    According to the exposed video, the whole process lasted for tens of seconds. In the end, it was not the resistance of the old man that prevented the cow from attacking, but the little calf next to him, and the cow stopped attacking. At this time, the old man picked up the child and hurryed. Escaped the scene, but fortunately, the elderly and children had only minor injuries. The children had minor scratches on their heads, and the elderly had fractured cartilage in the waist. This would not affect daily life and activities. The doctor recommended conservative treatment.

    ⁣Bear Attack Woman Trainer In Circus
    4,532 Views · 2 months ago

    The bear want to dance with her.

    ⁣Dude Mauled To Death By Pack Of Dogs
    2,164 Views · 2 months ago

    will the owner of this dog be prosecuted for releasing his ferocious dogs?

    Man Hit By Truck After Trying To Run From The Dog
    1,515 Views · 3 months ago

    ⁣While walking on the pavement in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, Ekrem Binak, who was afraid of the barking dog and jumped onto the road, was hit by a truck. Binak was taken to the hospital with serious injuries as a result of the accident. The incident was recorded by security cameras.

    Parasailing Man Attacked By Shark
    3,529 Views · 3 months ago

    ⁣INSANE Moment A Shark Jumped Out Of The Water and Rips Guys Leg Off

    Old Man Attacked By Fierce Dogs While Walking
    1,021 Views · 3 months ago

    ⁣Never wear white clothes around black dogs

    Tragic! Mexico Woman Dead Attacked By Huge Crocodile
    7,001 Views · 3 months ago

    ⁣The tragic event occurred on Monday, June 21, in the Laguna del Carpintero.

    Orginal full version here:
    Tampico, Tamaulipas.- A huge crocodile attacked and killed a woman when she was on the shore of the Laguna del Carpintero, allegedly washing clothes, right next to Benito Juárez’s hemicycle.

    This event, which occurred at approximately 7:00 p.m., mobilized the staff of the public security and rescue bodies who immediately came to the place, since the crocodile was swimming under the bridge, where it connects the canal and the lagoon, with the victim in the jaws as could be seen with the naked eye.

    Agents of the Fire Department and Civil Protection arrived and with the help of rods and ropes they tried to capture the huge crocodile without success, so they proceeded to use hooks tied with ropes that they threw in the water to try to capture the saurian, according to witnesses is approximately 3 meters in length.

    After intense work that lasted more than an hour, the firefighters finally managed to immobilize the animal with the use of a hook, The croc had already moved towards the lagoon with the woman’s body.

    They immediately proceeded to rescue the woman’s body, which they wrapped with a white sheet and extracted from the water, with wounds in various parts caused by the crocodile teeth.

    At the scene of the events, agents from the Tampico Transit Secretariat, agents of the State Police, as well as personnel from the Investigative Police of the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office, came to order the removal and transfer of the body.

    According to those who witnessed the attack, the victim was a homeless woman, but her identity will be determined by the corresponding authorities according to the investigations they carry out.

    New Style Of Torture Using Snake
    3,638 Views · 3 months ago

    ⁣Damn, people has stop to killing, theirs use animal to kill..

    Cat Playing At Electric Generator Get Electric Shocked
    6,406 Views · 3 months ago

    ⁣Luckily the cat is okay..

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