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⁣Store Worker Got Shot On Head In Mixco
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The violent attack on a 20-year-old was recorded by a security camera at the scene.
a car wash in zone 3
A surveillance camera captured an armed attack against a man who worked in a store in Mixco's zone 1 , the incident occurred on the morning of January 24.

The violent attack occurred on the 4th. street and 1 avenue of zone 1 of Mixco . Municipal firefighters were alerted, however, upon arrival at the scene they found that the victim had died at the scene.

According to the rescuers, it is a 20-year -old man , in addition, they detailed that a 17-year-old minor was taken to a hospital, as he was hit by a bullet.

⁣Man Stabbed Police On The Face Got Shot
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The Hampden District Attorney has declared a fatal shooting by a Springfield, Massachusetts, police officer on January 9 to be justified.

Police say 23-year-old Orlando Taylor, during what his family said was a mental health crisis, stabbed Officer Arjel Falcon in the face and neck. Shortly afterwards, officials said, Taylor charged at Falcon with the knife raised, and the officer fired his weapon twice.

District Attorney Anthony Gulluni said his office examined body camera footage from Falcon and his partner, as well as additional video from the incident, and took witness statements.

“It is this office's opinion that Officer Falcon’s use of deadly force was reasonable and unavoidable in the interest of his own safety that of his partners and that of the public,” Gulluni said during a press conference Friday afternoon.

Gulluni also said use of a taser would not have been appropriate in this situation.

"After the stabbing, Mr. Taylor was too far away from the officer to allow for an effective taser deployment," according to a memo from Gulluni's office. "Furthermore, Mr. Taylor had used deadly force in stabbing Officer Falcon in the face. Given the demonstrated and potential lethality of Mr. Taylor’s actions, attempting to use a taser would have placed Officer Falcon and his partner at additional and avoidable risk."

Officials on Friday released the body camera footage to the public. (Warning: The footage is graphic and disturbing, showing both the stabbing and shooting.)

Taylor's grandmother, Earlene Victoria Taylor, praised Gulluni, but said the family does not consider the shooting to be justified.

"I wasn't expecting anything less," Taylor said of the DA's decision. "I kind of knew that's what was going to happen, because they had to go by the law. Mr. Gulluni, he has been very, very helpful to me and my family. He has never made us feel in any way uncomfortable."

Still, Taylor disputed the prosecutor's finding that a taser could not have been used instead of a firearm.

"They were chasing my grandson up the street [after the stabbing]," she said. "So they were right behind him, and you tell me you couldn't tase him?"

Taylor said the family is considering legal action. She reiterated past statements calling for additional training of Springfield police officer about how to deal with people in mental health crises.

Falcon has been an officer in Springfield since 2013, according to the police, and earned a commendation for delivering emergency first aid. Falcon had moved to Springfield from Puerto Rico when he was 19 years old, according to the department, and served in the Army and later the Air Force, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A department spokesperson said Falcon has suffered permanent nerve damage from the stabbing and will undergo additional surgery in the near future.

"[Police] Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood and I again express our thoughts and prayers to the grieving family, as well as good health, a speedy recovery and encouragement to our brave and dedicated police officer on his surgery," Mayor Domenic Sarno said in a statement after Gulluni's press conference.

Sarno also thanked the DA, and said the video "speaks for itself."

The Taylor family and others have criticized Sarno and Clapprood for remarks they made the day of the shooting, when they lauded the actions of the officers and the mayor declared, “In my eyes, unfortunately, it was justified.”

Gulluni was asked Friday whether Sarno and Clapprood should have announced their conclusions just hours after the shooting.

"No, they shouldn't have. But my job was unchanged and my job is to examine the facts, collect the evidence and make a decision pursuant to the law," Gulluni said. "I did my best to be transparent and communicative with the public, as we will going forward, providing all the evidence, and draw a conclusion that I hope the public understands and accepts. But what other officials did really, really doesn't have a bearing on my job."

⁣Woman Shot By Her Ex-husband
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The woman was among her friends and was shot by her ex-husband.

⁣Policeman Was Shot Dead in Cúcuta
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The murdered uniformed man was identified as Mayor Tomás Andrés Paredes. After the events, work is being done on security camera video analysis to identify the two men who shot at the police officer.

According to General Óscar Moreno, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Cúcuta, the respective investigations are being carried out at the same time to capture those responsible for the crime. The general stated:

Two individuals approached our uniformed officer, Mayor Tomás Andrés Paredes, who was at a service station and was shot several times, he was taken to a care center and later died.

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⁣Man Down Shot By Cyclist Men
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They are very brave. by simply carrying a bike they dare to shoot. they are definitely sure no one will chase them and they are also ready for die.

⁣Tragic! Shattered Head Aftermath Of Shooting
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No further info.

⁣Brutal! Two People Shot Outside Houston Whataburger
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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The family of Darius Sims, who is charged in the murder of a 19-year-old recent high school graduate, told Eyewitness News that an existing conflict with the victim's brother led to the deadly shootout in the parking lot of a Whataburger in northwest Houston.

Daniel Thompson was shot and killed on Tuesday outside of the restaurant located along the U.S. 290 service road near Hollister. Police said 27-year-old Sims, who was also wounded in an exchange of gunfire, was arrested after he drove away and went to a hospital.

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⁣Man Trying To Rob Shot By Victim In Colombia
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Barranquilla Colombia.

⁣Tabaquite Man Gunned Down Outside Convenience Store
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One day after celebrating his birthday, a 31-year-old man was gunned down at a business place in Tabaquite earlier today. Dead is Davidson Jeremy of Motta Trace, Tabaquite.

A report stated that around 11.15 am he was liming with another person at Boodrams Convenience Supermarket near the stocking area when a man wearing a long straight hair wig entered with a gun.

The gunman and Jeremy had an exchange of words before he fired several shots at Jeremy. The gunman then ran a short distance away and then entered a pickup van. Jeremy stumbled out of the business place and died on the road. Jeremy was unemployed.

Police are still trying to ascertain a motive. Investigations are continuing.

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⁣Shot Dead in Baixada Campista
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He was identified as Leandro Andrade da Silva, the car wash owner shot dead by a couple of criminals in Baixada Campista. In the video you can see the two on a motorcycle. One of them got out of the vehicle, shot Leandro several times and fled with his partner.


A man was shot dead this Friday (14), on RJ-216, Baixa Grande, in Baixada Campista. The victim died before help arrived.

The police are investigating the authorship and motivation of the crime.

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