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  • Crime

    Nigerian Police Brutality
    366 Views · 19 hours ago

    ⁣Nigerian Police just doing their job.

    18 Years Old Teen Shot And Robbed Money From Drug Trafficker
    350 Views · 19 hours ago

    ⁣The Civil Police of Goiás, through the Homicide Investigation Group (GIH) of Anápolis, served this Tuesday morning (14), a preventive arrest warrant against the 18-year-old PHRS, appointed as co-author of the robbery practiced against Edson Oliveira dos Santos, aka “Tom”, 45 years old, occurred in the early morning of June 13 of the current year, at the Summerville Sector.

    As verified, Edson was involved in drug trafficking in the locality. The afternoon before the crime, PH reportedly saw Edson in possession of a large amount of drugs and money, and then decided to steal from him. At the time of the crime, the victim was in a cafeteria, where he was shot at by an as-yet unidentified partner of PH.

    Surveillance cameras in the region caught the victim's pursuit as well as his execution. Immediately after Edson's death, PH and a third, still unidentified accomplice, took money and drugs that the victim carried in her robes, as well as the car in which the victim would have arrived at the scene, whose keys were in her pocket.

    Investigations are continuing in relation to the PH cronies, who are being held in the local prison, where he will remain at the disposal of the courts.

    Teacher Beaten By Student Using Iron Rod
    586 Views · 2 days ago

    ⁣Damn .stupid student.

    Man Being Beaten And Throwing Stones By A Group Of Women
    628 Views · 3 days ago

    ⁣Lol. That is why world always said "woman is always right".. don't ever try to fight a woman, especially when they a not alone.

    Naked Man Being Beaten With Rattan
    1,116 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣No information about this video.

    Teens Bully Old Man In Russia
    624 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣stupid, very cruel, hope they get caught.

    Wire Thief Got Beaten By The Worker
    398 Views · 4 days ago

    ⁣⁣He looks really scared, screaming like a bitch lol

    ⁣Scumbag Stabbed Poor Old Woman During Home Invasion
    1,428 Views · 5 days ago

    This stupid guy deserve for brutal execution..

    Naked Teen Bullied By Her Roommate
    3,023 Views · 5 days ago

    ⁣hope the bully is caught soon.

    Source : facebook

    Red Headed Side Girl Vandalized By Angry Wife
    672 Views · 5 days ago

    ⁣Normal day in Favela Brazil.

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