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  • Accident

    ⁣Tow Truck Hit An 18-Year-Old Girl Who Was Crossing The Road
    1,572 Views · 7 days ago

    In Tyumen, a tow truck hit an 18-year-old girl who was crossing the road. It happened this morning on the street 50 years of October.

    - On 50 years of October, 57, a tow truck knocked down an 18-year-old pedestrian, who was previously crossing the road outside the pedestrian crossing. The girl was seriously injured, - confirmed in the traffic police.

    Now the circumstances of the accident are being investigated.

    According to the specified doctors, the girl is in an extremely serious condition.

    - The call was received on October 8 at 10:38, the arrival of the ambulance team - 10:44. After examination and assistance, the patient was taken to the OKB No. 2 . The patient is in a coma, receives all the necessary help in intensive care for open craniocerebral trauma, fractures of the bones of the vault and base of the skull, fracture of the clavicle, bruises and abrasions. The condition is assessed as extremely serious, - commented the Department of Health.

    Updated. There was a video showing the moment of the accident .

    Before that, another teenage girl was shot down in the center of Tyumen . She was riding, presumably, on a scooter down the street 50 years of October.

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    2,508 Views · 7 days ago

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    ⁣Girl Crashed To Death On A Rope Jumping Attraction In Karaganda
    2,930 Views · 8 days ago

    The girl performed an extreme jump from the roof on a rope jumping attraction and crashed to her death in Karaganda, reports with reference to Novy Vestnik .

    According to the newspaper, a 33-year-old woman from Karaganda jumped from the roof of the Sozvezdiye hotel. The jump height was 30 meters.
    The woman was taken to the Makazhanov Multidisciplinary Hospital in an extremely serious condition: with severe traumatic brain injury, intracerebral hematoma, cerebral edema, traumatic shock. She was urgently operated on. Performed craniotomy, removal of the hematoma. Despite the ongoing medical measures, the woman died, the newspaper writes.

    Crazy! Men Crossing The Highway Crashed By Speeding Car
    634 Views · 8 days ago

    Crossing the Highway not a good idea.

    ⁣Tires Exploded Caused The Death Of The Worker
    572 Views · 8 days ago

    The tire just crushed onto him.

    ⁣Tragic! Wound Of A Woman With Exposed Bone
    761 Views · 8 days ago

    Pregnant woman with broken foot

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