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⁣Woman Hand Got Stucked In Conveyer
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⁣Accident Causes Woman's Stomach To Disintegrate
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Looks like his stomach came out through the tailbone.

⁣Men Suffers Severe Leg Injury In Motorcycle Accident
57 Views · 7 hours ago

although he survived, his leg was badly injured.

⁣Jumping Over Fire Gone Wrong
68 Views · 8 hours ago

The old tradition of jumping over fire is especially dangerous when you're drunk.

Volcano Exploded In Indonesia
534 Views · 1 day ago

⁣More than ten people were killed in the eruption of Volcano Semeru in Indonesia.

⁣Man Make His Head Hit By Train
616 Views · 1 day ago

Apparently, the guy decided to jump on the rails and a train hit him in the head.

⁣Tire Explodes On Mechanics
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⁣Criminal Pursuit By Police Killed In Fatal Crash
536 Views · 2 days ago

A motorcyclist speeding on an allegedly stolen bike was killed Thursday after being ejected in a head-on crash with a car in West Hills, authorities said.

Aerial footage showed the rider reportedly traveling at speeds as high as 115 mph down Roscoe Boulevard but slowing to around 80 mph before colliding into a car making a left turn at Fallbrook Avenue.

Police could not confirm how fast they were going.

The motorcyclist flew about 100 feet over the car before landing on the sidewalk.

The Los Angeles Police Department had put out a broadcast about a stolen motorcycle in the San Fernando Valley area earlier in the day. A police helicopter was the closest to the scene and began tracking the rider after spotting them around 1 p.m., according to Officer Melissa Podany, a spokesperson for the department.

Police were not chasing the motorcyclist when the crash occurred, she said, because there was no immediate ground support available and because of safety concerns.

“Typically we don’t pursue motorcycles because of how fast they can accelerate and the dangers that poses,” Podany said.

It was unclear exactly where police first encountered the rider.

Christopher Lussier, who lives near the crash, noted that Roscoe Boulevard runs slightly downhill.

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⁣Fire On The Moving Bus Killed One Woman
816 Views · 3 days ago

A woman passenger travelling in a private bus died after a fire broke out in the moving bus in Gujarat’s Surat. The rest of the passengers travelling on the bus managed to save their lives.

The incident took place on Tuesday in the Hirabaug area of Surat. The incident was recorded by locals on a video.

It is being speculated that the bus caught fire due to a short circuit.

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