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  • Accident

    Huge Explosion In Pakistan Gas Station
    31 Views · 3 hours ago

    ⁣The reason is ,gas cylinder of an auto rickshaw exploded while being filled at a filling station in Peshawar.

    1,020 Views · 2 days ago

    26 year old young man was found naked hanged to death inside his
    private locker closet in the locker room at the sporting gym. That day
    he was doing a full program workout. When he was done he was seen
    walking with rubber resistance bands in his hands inside a locker room
    and leaving them in his closet locker. He then took a shower and walked
    naked inside his private locker closet, closed the door behind him and 3
    hours later was found there hanged to death.

    The body was discovered after his girlfriend was unable to reach him
    on his phone, but knew that he would be at the gym and so had called
    there, asking if they could locate him. By that time at least 3 hours
    had passed since his death. No alcohol or drugs were found inside his
    blood and no any signs of violence or struggle were on his body. The
    case was ruled a suicide.

    Young, fit, healthy, has a girlfriend that lives with him. Spend time
    and effort to do a full workout, took the shower afterwards and just so
    to hang himself (and naked on top of it all) at the end in some closet?
    Looks extremely like a typical case of an autoerotic asphyxiation.
    Masturbating in the closet and hanging himself for greater arousal
    effect. But ruled as a suicide so to save the embarrassment for his

    Apparently he was just too shy and embarrassed to ask his
    girlfriend to join in his fantasies. Trying to keep it a secret. Until
    the secret came out anyway and in the most deadly and embarrassing way.
    Just underscores yet again the importance of not keeping your sexual
    fantasies secret from your partner. Or it may end up not so well, like
    in this case.

    The writing on his body are morgue markings.

    Man Luckily Alive After Squashed By Truck On Head
    732 Views · 2 days ago

    ⁣That was lucky

    ⁣Man Received Gun Shot To Join The Gang
    1,093 Views · 3 days ago

    The process you have to go through when joining this gang.

    ⁣Sad! Baby Fell From A Window
    1,409 Views · 4 days ago

    Damn, the info says the baby is dead, and this happened in India..

    ⁣Cyclist Guy Try To Crossing The Road Hit By Truck
    575 Views · 4 days ago

    Where did the man come from. Happened in Vietnam, lucky nothing serious happened to him..

    ? it was a punishment ?
    978 Views · 5 days ago

    what makes u wanna live? have fun get ur daily dose of dopamine ? saying niggers to niggers on Reddit? if there is no ending why r u living? wanna let people have a good memory of u after dying ? so cute will that really matter ? if people hated u and u died it will be the same as people love u , there is no end to believe in that right ? so there is no stuff like god black magic, and other abnormal things that makes u think there is a good ending after u die ? u will end in the darkness of nowhere biologically u r just a complicated physical body than a chair for example right ? then ur body will only get rotten and u will end in the middle of the darkness in nothing like before u were born where were u ?
    just some questions I wanted to ask for the atheists and i am not athiest

    ⁣Speeding Car Crashed Woman With Her Kids In The Cab
    Man Crushed By Trailer Because Of His Mistake
    980 Views · 8 days ago

    ⁣Outchhh... Be careful when walking in front of high vehicle..

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