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Dead Pornhub Twink
1,744 Views · 9 days ago

⁣Young twink man that was very popular for uploading many videos
on Pornhub, where he was face f-cked by different likewise young men in
secluded areas of public parks. With his crazy girlfriend recording it all and
giving instructions from behind the camera to throat him even more rough. Some
time ago he hanged himself at age of 19. His hanging scene pic had his face
censored. But turns out his dead face photos were used in the forensic study
aids for med students, as a good example of protruding tongues in hanging cases.
After med students had found out about his likes and past, his dead body photos
started to appear on many different gore sites. After all, we are
all best remembered for what we do best.

Young Hanging Suicides Compilation
5,104 Views · 25 days ago

Compilation of young people hanging duicides. All are at least 18.

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