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    ⁣Accidental autoerotic asphyxiation death of a naked 26-year-old young man at the Moscow sports gym, inside a private locker closet.

    On the day of his accidental death the young man wasdoing a full program workout. When he was done he was seen walking with rubberresistance bands in his hands inside a locker room and leaving them in hiswalk-in locker closet. He then took a shower and walked inside his privatelocker closet, closed the door behind him and about 4 hours later was foundthere hanged to death.

    The body was discovered about three and a half hours later, after hisgirlfriend was unable to reach him on his phone, but knew that he would be atthe gym and so had called them there, asking if they could locate him. Gravity blood pooling in the area of his hands and penis can be observed in the photo.On his face and upper shoulder can also be seen medical examiner body id markings written with a marker pen.

    Right across on the wall, on the level of his groin area, there can also be seen a running down dried semen stain. Left there due to theyoung man ejaculating, as he was masturbating and highly arousing himself bythe hanging strangulation method.

    The death had highly likely occurred as the result of him experiencing veryhigh arousal the further he pushed the limits by hanging himself in thehalf-hanging position while masturbating and while probably trying to achieve asecond ejaculation. And then almost instantly passing out from the very lowblood and oxygen flow to the brain. And by still remaining in the noose whileunconscious, hanging himself for real this time.