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    Crazy! The Sound Of Man Splashed On The Floor
    149 Views · 3 hours ago

    ⁣Listen to the sound, wait for the horror, damn..

    ⁣Full Version! 6 Dead in Russian University Shooting
    195 Views · 3 hours ago

    At least six people have been killed and dozens injured after a student opened fire at a Russian university campus, authorities said Monday.

    Video published to social media shows students jumping out of second-floor windows to flee the gunman at Perm State University in the city of Perm some 1,300 kilometers east of Moscow.

    Russia's Investigative Committee said that six people have been killed — lowering its earlier death toll of eight — and 28 injured, several of whom have been hospitalized in varying conditions.

    The Investigative Committee, which probes major crimes, said police shot and injured the suspected shooter after he resisted arrest and he is now being treated for his wounds in the hospital. The committee has opened a criminal murder case following the attack.

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    Hitman Shot His Victim With Quick Action
    80 Views · 3 hours ago

    ⁣Villa Del Caribe, Panama

    Woman Extremely Fell From 4th Floor Apartment
    134 Views · 3 hours ago

    ⁣Luckily she is still alive .. damn... Not sure if she try to suicide or accidentally fell from the balcony. But this happened in China .

    Huge Explosion In Pakistan Gas Station
    35 Views · 4 hours ago

    ⁣The reason is ,gas cylinder of an auto rickshaw exploded while being filled at a filling station in Peshawar.

    Man Got Beaten To Death In Gang Fight
    67 Views · 4 hours ago

    ⁣A 43-year-old man was beaten to death after a fight in a beer on Avenida Emilia Marchi Martini, Jardim Soares (near the roundabout on Avenida Sweden).

    Around 3:00 am, this Saturday (18), some men fell out after a game of pool and fought in front of the commercial establishment.

    Crazy! Man Brutally Got Stabbed Using Knife On His Neck
    510 Views · 11 hours ago

    ⁣Fuck!! Something should be discuss first before he stabbed him..Fuck!! Something should be discuss first before he stabbed him..sometimes everything can be solved when we start discuss, not always being settle when using a weapon..

    Man Gets Shocked While Rescue Bird
    197 Views · 11 hours ago


    Woman Torture A Child Got Punished
    358 Views · 11 hours ago


    Man Being Beaten And Throwing Stones By A Group Of Women
    226 Views · 11 hours ago

    ⁣Lol. That is why world always said "woman is always right".. don't ever try to fight a woman, especially when they a not alone.

    Full Video HD! Head Exploding Shotgun Execution
    1,927 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣Old video, but this is the full version i found in telegram..

    Head Exploding Warning! Head Exploding Warning! Head Exploding Warning! Head Exploding Warning!

    Brutal! Woman Received Headshot From Brazilian Gang
    996 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣Found this video on telegram, but no info i got , if you guys got info about this murder, please share your info here .. tqvm..

    Automatic Gun Shot Execution
    614 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣Damn, bullets and lives are too cheap.

    Naked Man Being Beaten With Rattan
    736 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣No information about this video.

    Teens Bully Old Man In Russia
    450 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣stupid, very cruel, hope they get caught.

    Never Mess With Explosives
    720 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣Damn.. luckily the explosion not killing them

    Woman stabbed To Death
    557 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣São Paulo Brazil.

    Wire Thief Got Beaten By The Worker
    265 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣⁣He looks really scared, screaming like a bitch lol

    Man Shot Dead In Gonzales
    290 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣A 46-year-old man was shot dead in Gonzales yesterday.

    Police have identified him as Sherwin Mervin Williams, also known as Sprang, of Vincent Brown Street, Gonzales.

    According to a police report, at about 7.25 am Williams was sitting on a plastic container under a tent at Chocolate Alley, Gonzales, when a heavily tinted grey Toyota Altis stopped and two men, with guns, alighted and shot Williams.

    The men got back into the vehicle which sped away.

    Police said Williams was shot several times about the body.

    Acting Cpl Pierre and PC St Louis, of the Inter Agency Task Force, who were on patrol responded and secured the scene.

    Checks were made in the area for the vehicle and suspects but without success.

    The body was viewed by District Medical Officer Dr Padmore and ordered removed to the Forensic Science Centre.

    A motive is yet to be established for the killing.

    Source :

    Delivery Guy Accidentally Shot By Police Officer
    583 Views · 1 day ago

    ⁣A delivery rider was killed when a police friend accidentally shot him in a barangay hall Thursday night in Tondo, Manila

    According to the MPD report, the victim was identified as Jayson Capistrano, 31, a young man, delivery rider, and a resident of 2851 P Fronda Street Gagalangin Tondo, Manila.

    The perpetrator, PCp Oliver Ferrer, a young man, assigned to MPD-PS 1 (Raxabago) and a resident of Balut, Tondo, is being investigated and in the custody of the MPD.

    During the investigation, the incident happened behind the kitchen of Barangay Hall of Brgy 183 Zone 16, Gagalangin, Tondo, 10:45 p.m.

    Earlier, the victim's police cousin, Pcpl Jerome Mingote Capistrano, who was assigned to MPD-PS 11 in Brgy. Hall to visit Chairman Joseph Lipasana.

    While PCpl Ferrer was waiting and talking with other friends and the victim, the perpetrator jokingly pulled out a gun and accidentally exploded and hit the victim in the abdomen.

    The incident is also based on the testimony of the victim's police cousin who was at the scene when the incident occurred.

    The victim was rushed to the Chinese General Hospital by his police cousin but was declared dead on arrival

    The culprit surrendered himself to Gagalangin PCP and surrendered his service firearm Prietto Berreta Caliber 9mm.

    In an interview with Chairman Lipasana, he could not provide any information on the incident because he did not witness it, he said he was just surprised when he heard a gunshot.

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