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    ⁣Car Accident Leaves 5 Dead and More Than 30 People Injured In Taiwan
    2,126 Views · 7 months ago

    Taiwan- car accident leaves 5 dead and more than 30 people injured

    Suhua car accident.
    Suhua tourist car crashed into a mountain and passed regular inspection for 3 years.

    A tourist bus on Suhua Road crashed into a mountain wall, causing 5 deaths and more than 30 people injured.

    line 9 of Taiwan Suhua Highway in the This afternoon there was a a crashed a crashed Dongao section of the , which caused tourist bus big accident in which against the wall of a mountain in the many injured and five deaths. According to the information provided by the General Administration of Highways, the crashed vehicle was only more than 3 years old and passed this year's regular inspection, vehicle registration and driving record are normal.

    The General Administration of Highways pointed out that the police and consumer units have not yet investigated the cause of the accident. It is currently known that the accident vehicle is owned by Tenglong Express Co., Ltd. with vehicle number KAA -0853, which is a business tour bus.

    According to the information provided by the General Administration of Highways, the tour bus in the accident was delivered in January 2018 and passed the scheduled inspection for this year. The next scheduled inspection date is January 17 next year. The vehicle is equipped with a driving visor. aid, but is not equipped with anti-collision system.

    The tour bus driver in the accident is normal and obtained a professional bound automobile driver's license on March 30, 2000. There were no pending cases of vehicle and driving violations.

    The General Highway Administration said the accident occurred at 4:35 p.m., 114.7 kilometers from Taiwan Line 9. The itinerary was in charge of Good View Travel Agency's "Xindian Fuxingli-Hualien Two-Day Tour". Today is the second day of The itinerary The route of the accident There are a total of 45 people including drivers and tour guides, at present 5 people have died and many others have been injured.

    The General Administration of Highways set up an emergency response team at 4:50 pm and maintained close contact with the relevant units of the fire department to handle the follow-up issues.