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⁣Unlucky Girl Get Lesson For Riding Drunk
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In the early hours of Monday (29), the ABOMPROCI team was called to attend to a motorcycle accident at KM 89 on BA 052 near the location known as Zabelê. According to information, two sisters with the first name Laís and Larissa who are residents of the 20 de Abril neighborhood were lying in a ditch on the side of the track.

The two were taken to the UPA in the ABOMPROCI ambulance and in an ambulance of the municipality that was in support. Laís was taken with suspicion of multiple fractures and Larissa with severe TBI. The service also took place with the support of delegate Macione Azevedo. According to a friend of the victims who was at the scene of the accident, the two sisters were participating in a wall party in the Pau-Ferro region and would have hitched a ride on the back of the motorcycle.

The motorbike driver went straight on heading towards Umburanas and it is not known what caused the accident since the motorbike driver fled the site leaving the victims in the ditch, due to the seriousness of the accident, the two sisters were transferred to Feira Santana and Salvador.

⁣Ritualist Decapitates His Friend For Monetary Gains
4,567 Views · 2 months ago

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⁣Brutal Attack By Inmate In Essex County jail
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The two-minute video shows several inmates punch, kick and stomp on Jayshawn Boyd, 22, of Elizabeth, leaving his limp body sprawled on the floor.

The band of seven men continued the attack even after Boyd had clearly lost consciousness. They dumped a full mop bucket on him, threw a water cooler at his head, whipped him with a broomstick until it broke and dropped a microwave on his face.

"I've never seen anything that horrific," said Brooke Barnett, the Newark civil attorney representing Boyd's family. "The Essex County jail is failing the people they pledged to protect, and failing to protect people's family members."

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Crazy Execution From Venezuela Gang
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source : theync

Group Of Man Attack By Hitman While Chilling
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Girl getes jumped for having sex with her sister after prom
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⁣Elderly Man Fell From Escalator
927 Views · 22 days ago

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⁣Accident! Man Shoots Himself Playing Russian Roulette
3,168 Views · 22 days ago

A man died after accidentally shooting himself this past Tuesday while recording a video in the city of La Ceiba.

The deceased, identified as M.V., worked as a security guard for a company called Trident. According to reports from friends and colleagues, he often played Russian roulette with his service pistol, broadcasting it on social media.

Details on his Facebook account showed he worked in security for several years and leaves behind a young son.

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