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1,381 Views · 4 months ago

u wasted time reading this i upload some good stuff at my channel check it

cutting women's legs and arms to make her a sex slave to sell on the dark web "not sure&qu
8,924 Views · 4 months ago

what i am sure is i swear i got that video from the dark web

? it was a punishment ?
1,946 Views · 4 months ago

what makes u wanna live? have fun get ur daily dose of dopamine ? saying niggers to niggers on Reddit? if there is no ending why r u living? wanna let people have a good memory of u after dying ? so cute will that really matter ? if people hated u and u died it will be the same as people love u , there is no end to believe in that right ? so there is no stuff like god black magic, and other abnormal things that makes u think there is a good ending after u die ? u will end in the darkness of nowhere biologically u r just a complicated physical body than a chair for example right ? then ur body will only get rotten and u will end in the middle of the darkness in nothing like before u were born where were u ?
just some questions I wanted to ask for the atheists and i am not athiest

don't kidnap a kid in Afghanistan
1,856 Views · 5 months ago


seem to be cutting her pussy from inside I don't know
14,247 Views · 5 months ago

is that even real ?
pretty much

Ass Tortured With a Lighter !
3,245 Views · 5 months ago

I saw part of this video on a compilation video on this site and from that time I been searching for it and here it is finally

Magic trick gone wrong
5,405 Views · 6 months ago

magic trick gone bad wanna see magic?
: ⁣⁣⁣

Weird MEMES COMPILATION (secret inside)
4,258 Views · 1 year ago
newest one and better : ⁣

you thaought this vid is just a meme compishit?
any way if u want the vedio in hd message me and i will give my discort code
and if you wanted more info also text me in messages and i will give the discoshit

New ISIS Release ! 19-oct-2020
2,509 Views · 1 year ago

⁣eeling lucky that i can read arabic ?
i don't support isis btw cause i know the racism comments i will get
isis donot represent even 1% percent of muslims nither are the other tourists...

Urgent . The Ghost of Jordan was filmed (Genie of Ramtha)
2,255 Views · 1 year ago

⁣I'm still not sure what I'm seeing right now but I wanted to share it with you.
The name of the pound that you want to search behind the topic is (bride of Ramtha).
The two young men were filming the video. Their car capsized and died in mysterious circumstances, and I, from my point of view, continued to return to the back as we see in the video that fell off the cliff and the car fell and died .
⁣The old woman in the video, frankly, is not at all normal, her small head, the shape of her hair, her very short length, even her clothes were white in a dusty place like the desert that she was in. Ghosts, jinn and angels are mentioned in all Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in which basically all of these religions share the same God. But according to all Abrahamic religions, a person can never see them except during the throbbing period (the period shortly before death) and when the one who lives after death goes away, share with me what you see
be good to the manners >>>

An Egyptian priest harasses a girl and claims blessing !
10,655 Views · 1 year ago

⁣I hate how these girls are deceived in this way, Egypt is the most Arab country with Christians and they are also the most highly religious Christians in the world without exaggeration. Egypt has a long history of pops and priests harassing girls for allegedly blessing, they harass them in confession rooms and sometimes It comes to rape. I invite you to search for these things. I am not a Christian, and I do not accuse Christians or their religion of these things, and I do not apply to every place the good and the bad.
Such as Islam, extremists and ISIS
Or the Christians and the KKK group
Or the the nice aim dud who killed 52 innocent Muslims in New Zealand
. Be good to the manners, let me know your opinion .

Bound Gang ! Rape vid !!
10,374 Views · 1 year ago

yes u finnaly found a real one

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