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Another STUPID INDONESIAN MOTORCYCLISTS didn't look around before taking turn
831 Views · 1 month ago

Two STUPID MOTORCYCLISTS deserved their consequences for being idiotically ignorant of their surroundings.

Stupid Indonesian Ukhti didn't gave away right turn signal causing accident
846 Views · 1 month ago

Should had given a signal to turn right, but this stupid ukhti just took a straight right turn and acted up as if she didn't do anything wrong. Another motorcyclist was seen fell to the ground after a sudden handbrake.

Seconds before RECKLESS Indonesian driver crashed one's car to the train
667 Views · 1 month ago

This is the RAW Footage of reckless Indonesian public transportation driver rammed through railtrack before being hit by a moving train, leaving five deceased and in the aftermath, he was already in take care of the police.

INSTANT KARMA! Indonesian thief crashed to a motorcycle and ran away
608 Views · 1 month ago

This idiot thief deserved to be hit harder and left crippled, yet mother nature still am gave "it" a second chance.

Indonesian NAKED Crazy Nigg* Jumped Onto Truck's Windshield
1,934 Views · 1 month ago

A crazy nigg* (Pribumi) jumped onto truck's windshield while showing off its small wiener to the driver.

Two Indonesian Motorcyclists crashed to one another!
187 Views · 1 month ago

Video started with a man with his friend videotaping night ride scene in high speed when all of a sudden other motorcyclist halt his motorcycle out of nowhere. Both motorcyclists were minorly injured.

Indonesian Man attacked by three wild dogs & almost hit by an MPV
1,563 Views · 1 month ago

Three dogs were barking and in fight mode to take down this man, when all of a sudden he started Naruto moves and confused those doggos. By the end of the video, an MPV was about to pass through then quickly halt one's speed to enjoy the view :)

Indonesian Papuanese scholars involved in clash with other group
602 Views · 1 month ago

Papuanese scholars often felt discriminated because of their skin color, with OPM rebels tried hard to separate Papua from Indonesia, Papuanese often labeled as "not nationalist". When in other hand, they in majority build barriers between themselves and urban society.

Three Indonesian Motorcyclists involved in multiple crash
274 Views · 1 month ago

Two high speed motorcyclists crashed unto each other; one of them was already fell to the ground when taking turn, but then another motorcyclist rammed unto him. Alas, another motorcyclist was shocked then pulling hard his handbrake, caused him to fall eventually.

Sleepy Indonesian Motorcyclist fell off a bridge
889 Views · 1 month ago

He was riding his motorcycle when he felt sleepy, loose his balance then fell off from the bridge. Was wearing a helmet but did not properly seated, got removed by the impact then free falling to the ground head first.

Indonesian reckless public transportation driver kills 5 of his own passengers
785 Views · 1 month ago

Indonesian reckless public transportation driver gone through railtrack when a coach was about to pass through, caused all 5 of his passenger spontaneously killed while the driver only suffered minor injuries.

Indonesian motorcyclist killed and burned alive
962 Views · 1 month ago

Just a moment after he finished bought gasoline, another high-speed motorcyclist (can be seen sitting down with minor injuries) rammed unto him; killed him instantly and his old motorcycle burst in flame along with the corpse.

Indonesian worker buried alive
2,602 Views · 1 month ago

Moments before he was buried alive while adjusting PVC pipeline, no further statement regarding his fate at this time.

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