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    Man Trying To Stop Robbery Got Shot
    772 Views · 2 months ago

    ⁣OAKLAND — A man who tried to stop an attempted robbery was shot and wounded Saturday afternoon in Chinatown, authorities said.

    The man shot was in stable condition.

    The shooting happened about 2 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of Eighth and Franklin streets. Two men tried to rob two women of their purses when a man apparently with them tried to stop them. They began pistol-whipping and beating him when a fourth man tried to intervene. That man was shot by at least one of the suspects.

    Police said the suspects fled without taking anything. The man who tried to help the three apparently did not know the victims.

    Young Girl Bullied His Classmate In Russia
    10,314 Views · 2 months ago

    ⁣not sure why they quarreled.

    Dead! Girl Dead In Tragic Accident
    5,087 Views · 3 months ago

    ⁣Sad, poor. That knee looks real fucked

    Sad! Tragic Syria Chemical Attack
    2,762 Views · 2 months ago

    ⁣chemical weapon attacks killing innocent people. That is cruel.

    dick hanging
    4,369 Views · 3 months ago


    1,129 Views · 2 months ago

    ⁣Seattle Police Department is releasing surveillance and body-worn video associated with the officer-involved shooting on Thursday evening August 5-2021 when Officers were attempting to arrest a man at a White Center home. The video shows the fatal shooting of a homicide suspect after he exiting a home with a handgun, fires multiple shots at SWAT officers, who then return fire. Police attempted life-saving measures, but fire department medics declared the 22-year-old suspect deceased at the scene.

    Shot! Law And Order Actor Shot In Store In New York
    1,608 Views · 2 months ago

    ⁣NEW YORK - A man identified as 21-year-old Jayquan Lewis was killed in New York after being shot seven point-blank by a man inside a store. The person responsible fled after the crime.

    The crime was recorded in its entirety in the security cameras of the compound. In the video released by the New York Post and lasting 14 seconds, Lewis is seen waiting to buy when a subject appears from the back of the store and shoots directly at the young man, who falls to the ground and receives more shots once there . Expert reports indicated that Lewis was shot at least three times in the chest.

    In the record it can also be seen that another man, who was waiting meters from Lewis to buy, was unharmed as no shots were aimed at him.

    According to the police, Lewis belonged to a gang and that his murder could have been related to a dispute on social networks: "I have no doubt that (the victim) was the target. The guy who was next to him could also have been easily killed, but he wasn't, "Joseph Giacalone, an adjunct professor at John Jay College and a former New York police sergeant, told the New York Post.

    The victim's mother, Marisol Sánchez, denied that her son had a relationship with gangs and assured that she wanted to study nursing. In addition, it confirmed his taste for acting. Lewis recorded appearances as an extra in "Law and Order" and had a role in the 2019 film "Joyland."

    Man Executed By Rival Using Automatic Gun
    1,138 Views · 3 months ago

    ⁣Life is cheap than bullets.

    AutopsyPost Mortem of a male dead body of OPC poisoning Part I
    2,302 Views · 4 months ago

    ⁣AutopsyPost Mortem of a male dead body of OPC poisoning Part I

    Dead! Stabbing Suspect Fatally Shot By Police
    2,994 Views · 3 months ago

    ⁣BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Sheriff Donny Youngblood released new details about an an officer-involved shooting last May in Wasco that left one man dead. This comes after the department released body camera of this shooting on Monday.

    Deputies were called to Wasco’s 16th Street for a report of a stabbing. Video shows three deputies entering an apartment building, finding 21-year-old Daniel Gomez attacking two woman in a bathroom. KCSO says were three children in the home at the time. During the nearly 10-minute body cam video, deputies are heard virtually begging Gomez to not make them shoot. Deputies can be heard saying, “put the knife down, do it for your kids.”

    ⁣Man Shot and Killed by Ogden Police For Sexual Assault and Robbery
    871 Views · 8 months ago

    OGDEN, Utah. The Weber County Sheriff's Office has released police bodycam footage from the fatal shooting of a suspect earlier this month.

    On Feb. 6, 28-year-old D. R. M. was shot and killed by Ogden Police officers.

    He was suspected of committing a sexual assault and robbery earlier that night and was fleeing from officers, police said. They found him hiding in the bed of a truck inside a garage. According to police, he then stood up and pointed a gun before being shot by two officers.

    Both officers were wearing body cameras at the time of the shooting, Ogden Police said in their initial report. However, in the footage released Tuesday, only one officer's footage was shown.

    The investigation by the Weber County Force Investigation Team is still ongoing, and they will submit their final report to the Weber County Attorney's Office for review upon its completion.

    Hot girl does a bet in public
    Tracy Slut
    6,285 Views · 4 months ago

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    blow off slave head with shotgun
    7,308 Views · 5 months ago

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    Wooden Plank Falls Onto Young Girl
    2,611 Views · 4 months ago

    ⁣18-year-old Egyptian student Dalia Khaled died instantly.

    Top brutal isis execution
    9,942 Views · 5 months ago

    best executions you will love

    ⁣Girl Get Scar When Falls While Skating
    2,285 Views · 8 months ago


    Large Sheet Of Glass Falls From Mall Roof Ontop Of Man In Arizona
    1,529 Views · 4 months ago

    ⁣GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A man is in the hospital after a huge piece of glass fell from the ceiling of Arrowhead Towne Center on Saturday afternoon.

    Witnesses say the laminated decorative glass initially broke and just had cracks in it. Mall security was down below and tried to keep people away from the area. Apparently, some people were still walking under it.

    That's when a large piece fell and landed on the man. Video from Nestor Caro shows a trail of blood with a crowd surrounding the victim.

    Firefighters said he had several cuts and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. He's in stable condition.

    fed graves oneshots lvl 5 morgana l9
    3,398 Views · 4 months ago

    lvl 18 L9 graves ratirl oneshot noob morgana 1k crit 5k dmg full lethality and spaceglide with wadbot

    1,362 Views · 12 months ago

    accidentally falls from bridge.

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