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    Russian Neo-Nazis stabbing hobos.
    1,458 Views · 2 months ago

    A Russian Neo-Nazi group called "Sanitäter 88" (Medic 88) are on a killing spree against homeless people, mainly those who drink too much. If only they could do the same to the prostitutes and other scum plaguing modern day society.

    Emo bitch commits suicide.
    2,625 Views · 2 months ago

    12 year emo girl old Katelyn commited suicide back in 2016 after years of abuse by her cunting single-mother and her abusive step-father. She makes a teary good-by before hanging herself. She describes herself as being an emo and often talked about doing criminal shit in her videos while talking about her mommy and daddy issues. One fucked-up bitch less.

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