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    Islamic City Funk
    2,201 Views · 2 months ago

    Some things are a bit late and timed wrong because the editing software i was using was having a stroke playing back the video but im getting a new software soon so that i can optimize my shitposting ability :)

    Shitpost status
    1,767 Views · 3 months ago

    sorry not sorry

    Kirby Returns to IRAQ
    1,157 Views · 4 months ago

    After watching some of my past videos i have just realised that i am running out of isis footage
    (at least the high quality kind) and i cant do much about it unless you guys want to see Nokia quality beheadings instead of 720p explosions, until isis gets a good upload schedual again I am just going to be using other clips of different ppl sry.

    AND since i have nothing else to use this video for here is the ORIGINAl propaganda video that was used in this video

    Mr.Red Sky
    1,842 Views · 5 months ago

    for the guy who asked for a Mr.Blue sky edit, here ya go
    its kinda short but im gonna make another one soon anyway so if u are wanting more it shall come.

    Sucide Bombing Slowed+Reverb feat Uuniverse
    1,350 Views · 5 months ago

    This video was a collab between me and my buddy ⁣Uuniverse he makes great Remixes of songs so go check him out

    ⁣⁣Uuniverse: ⁣

    Original Song: ⁣

    908 Views · 6 months ago

    Yall ever stayed up till 3am editing together videos of ppl in bad situations? cause thats what i just did, hope u enjoy.
    I know this is probably not as good as my other uploads but i thought that i could push this out tonight and give u guys something better later
    so expect another edit soon NEXT TIME it will be by the request of a viewer who i will give credit to in the video, i already choose what im doing so if u wanna suggest something just comment and if i think i can do it well than it'll most likely happen :)

    438 Views · 6 months ago

    sry it's so short but trust me an even better one is coming out soon i just wanted to post this so u could have a taste for what comes next :)

    and i feel like i should not have to state this but NO i DO NOT support isis they dumb as hell i just like shitposting about them.

    1,366 Views · 6 months ago

    i have been trying to upload this but it wont work so this is my last attempt.

    edit: well it worked so enjoy i'm going to try and make more but I am limited by the amount of footage i have and i dont like recycling clips so next video might not be ALL isis, hope that dosent matter and is still enjoyable :)

    The New Terrorist Groove
    436 Views · 9 months ago

    I FIXED IT so last video i said i was having trouble with the upload and i was but i fixed it and here it is in all its glory.

    NO i dont support ISIS but i do edit there stupidity together.

    ISIL Suicide Bomber edit (READ DESCRIPTION)
    859 Views · 9 months ago

    im sorry this is so short i was having trouble with the actual upload which is musch better than this :( if u want more videos like this Follow me because ill be uploading alot more on here :)

    NO I DONT SUPPORT ISIS i just edit there stupidity together
    also if ur offended by the content in this video... dont watch it lmao.

    i put Pekora(hololive) BGM over ISIS footage
    1,022 Views · 9 months ago

    i posted it on youtube but it got taken down even though there was no blood or gore
    sadly so this is the only place i know that will accept my art.

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