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Abbas 25
Abbas 25

Abbas 25



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Scumbag gets what's he deserves
Abbas 25
1,527 Views · 5 months ago

This scumbag make a fake profile on internet as "dontwatchmyprofilelol" and bullying and mentally harassing multiple individuals on internet, arguing with random strangers and write abusive and hateful comments in the name of his lame knowledge even this scumbag giving threats of rape to minor girls also harassing mentally ill individuals and orphan kids, this heartless creature keep harrasing innocent people on internet for months thank God finally local people caught that internet monster by the help of cyber cell and give him what's he deserves his crotch burn by the locals as a punishment I'm sure after this punishment this incest bitch unable to sit on his butts for the months

Dismembered alive by mexican cartel
5,053 Views · 3 years ago

Mexican cartel shows what happen if you go against them.

Another bitch beating her husband brutally
Abbas 25
3,037 Views · 5 months ago

⁣This video is a tight slap on the evil hypocrite feminist face of pinarmlkc89 and for the other people like him, this is how feminist bitches treating with their husbands, their feminist conservative fore fathers teach them to disrespect their husbands like this, what a shame actually these feminist believes that if man committed any crime then he deserves severe punishment but if woman committed any crime then she deserves sympathy, forgiveness and second chance, if man beaten any woman then it's wrong and they crying so much about it but if woman beating any man then it's fine and there is nothing wrong in it and then these hypocrites feminist motherfuckers keep remains silent about it, they are against male criminals but these feminist cunts supports female criminals, they always talks about women's rights but they never talks about men's rights, you can see their hypocrisy and double standards everytime towards men in all the stages of life, they promotes female dominance, they mocks husbands and making fun of men, they force men to become a slave of a women, they force men to work 24 hours a day to fulfill financial requirements of feminist bitches, they force man to helps his Wife's housework, they force men to give lots of expensive gifts to their wives, these feminist bitches treating with men so badly, feminist bitches beating their husbands, mistreating with them, disobey them, disrespect them and forcing them to do housework actually feminist bitches all wants expensive gifts, lots of money, huge property, credit cards, debit cards, lots of jewelry and makeup accessories to their men that's all & pinarmlkc89 fuck off you retarded feminist son of a bitch never come again into my videos if you don't like my description then get lost and never come back you heartless hypocrite feminist idiot off course my truthful description hurts the hypocrite feminist morons like you so shame on yourselves and go to hell

Feminist bitch theif pepper torture on her pussy
Abbas 25
1,242 Views · 5 months ago

This video is from Africa as you can see in this video a female theif tortured by the locals, some men putting hot pepper in her vagina and she crying like a little small bitch this video proves that Africans won't believe in feminism whoever committed a crimes likes theivery, robbery, murder, kidnapping, rape, trafficking or invasion to anyone's private space etc it's doesn't matters wheather criminal is man or woman they must be punished by the crowd, this bitch is unable to take his boyfriend's or husband's penis in her pussy for a days lol

Anti Sex Scumbag Beaten Badly
Abbas 25
362 Views · 6 months ago

Meat this dirty evil scumbag who invading people's houses and making their private videos secretely and uploading it to the internet this narrow minded son of a bitch interrogated by the police later on after the beating he says that he against all kinds of sexual activities even between the husband wife, he says sex is a very bad and evil thing so he hate sex so much, he says he believes that all the governments of the world should banned all kinds of sexual activities even between the husband wife, he also says if this is not possible than at least make a law that nobody have a sex without his and his sick brother Malperci0's permission, after the interrogation police declaring him mentally ill so he decided to send him and his sick brother to mental asylum for the treatment now both of these scumbags are in mental hospital now, marital sex is legal in all religions and in all world's laws husband wife may have sex with each other anytime they want but only behind closed doors out of the sight of common people and nobody have a right to interfere them when they having sex with each other these types of psycho bastards still against those things which even permissible in religion and by the law how sad is this even I'm a married man enjoying my life with my wife and we enjoy a lot together behind closed doors she is so sexy and gorgeous and I love her a lot and she as well, I believe that such pshopaths deserves to live in a mental hospital thank God they are in mental asylum now

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