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⁣Hanged Woman Saved by Rescuers

15 Mar 2021·Suicide·0:20


⁣Hanged Woman Saved by Rescuers

Police from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, prevented a 30-year-old woman from attempting suicide by hanging from a metal support on a low bridge.

The officers received a call, of a woman who was seen when she placed a rope around her neck to kill herself, so they immediately went on scene.

Upon arrival, they noticed that the young woman, apparently in a vulnerable situation, was suspended from the metal structure, and they quickly stopped a unit of the Electric Transportation Service, Trolleybus, to climb the awning and prevent the young woman from losing her life while they made the cuts to the circulation in the avenue.

Paramedics from the Emergency and Rescue Squad (ERUM) arrived at the scene, who treated her, gave her first aid and diagnosed her with intoxication by unknown substances.When she was stable, she was transferred under the custody of SSC personnel to a hospital for her definitive medical care.

Of the foregoing, the agent of the Public Ministry was informed, who will follow up on what happened and carry out the corresponding investigations.